After graduating from Istanbul Technical University Food Engineering Department, I worked for many years as an R&D and quality director at one of the leading honey companies. I was both a creator and the leader of numerous research projects about honey products.

During that period though, I was dealing with my 5-year-old son’s never ending fevers. He was hospitalized every few months and was given antibiotics every single time. That caused him to develop allergy to antibiotics. Eventually, I was told that the only cure was to strengthen his immune system. As I started looking for natural ways to do that, I came across propolis and royal jelly; former being used to keep the bee colony healthy with its antioxidant and antibacterial effects, latter being extremely rich in proteins, carbohydrates, oils and vitamins. This was the hope I was looking for. I was determined use them both to save my child…

With the possibility that my son would regain his health, I had no time to waste. I had to access to propolis. Thanks to my career in the honey industry, I contacted to the honey producers I knew and asked them to produce royal jelly – which they had not produced before – and propolis – which they just scraped off the hive and threw away.

After I started using these products and mixtures I made with honey on my son, his health got better and he didn’t get sick for months.

Yet, I knew this wasn’t the end of my story with propolis. After my story was heard by family and friends, it reached to many people. That is when I decided to help people who were going through what I had been through with the natural and healthy solution I had found. I talked to Taylan Samanci who had been my colleague for many years and my instructor Prof. Dr. Dilek Boyacioglu from Istanbul Technical University to start this new path together, with the courage we would give each other. And here we are after 7 years, still receiving thank you e-mails and phone calls from people with similar stories. It makes me so happy to be able to help people and change their lives.


I studied apiculture and zoo technics. And at the honey products company I started working a few years after my graduation, I worked as Project Team Leader for many years. During this position, I was the director of numerous national and international projects. I published articles and books, and had presentations related to apiculture. The bee world mesmerized me. It became my escape from the pressures of the big city. I reconnected with nature and rediscovered myself every day. Bees became such a big part of my life, so much so that even my father was aspired to start beekeeping after the age of 60.

When Asli came to us with her idea, her enthusiasm and excitement I knew I found my new quest. Even though it sounded so scary to get out of my confert zone, I would not give up.

I had some concerns as to how the Contracted Beekeeping Model, which was going to be a first in the beekeeping world, would be perceived by beekeepers. Yet, after our initial meetings, all these questions disappeared. The beekeepers had faith in our business and now with this model we are able to see the real source of our products and how they are produced.

The number of people who trusted us and allowed us into their lives increased over time...After as short as six months, I read a message; “Yours is a story that is spread by Word-of-mouth, I hope it doesn’t remain as an urban legend, and you’d be a cure for us too…” Another customer of ours said that when he first tasted our honey, it tasted exactly like the honey he ate in his childhood and he was so thankful for that. All these notes and messages showed that we were on the right path. They were our source of courage for every new step we took and they still are for every new step we’ll take


Since I was a child, I’ve always been attracted to the unknown and I was always drawn to mystery. Curiosity motivated me and set the direction of my life; learning and bringing the unknown to light.

I worked as a lecturer at Istanbul Technical University Food Engineering Department for many years. My students and research projects were my life. It was a joy for me to try to understand food and to make new discoveries. I have taught to individuals who are now experts in food engineering working all across the world. And one of my students became my bussiness partner years later.

With Asli’s idea, I  opened a new page both for myself and for the scientific world...With the goal of bringing innovative bee products to life Asli and I founded SBS Scientific Bio Solutions Company. It was an opportunity for me to turn my many years of experience and knowledge into natural and healthy products.

As we proceed, we see and hear that our products have made a difference in people’s lives. We are proud with what we achieved but most valuable of all is being able to give our customers the bee products with hidden miracles in their purest form.