What is Anatolian Bee Propolis ?

What is Anatolian Bee Propolis ?

What is Anatolian Bee Propolis?

Propolis is a natural bee product that honeybees collect from the leaves, buds, and stems of the plants. Honeybees use propolis to protect their beehive from fungus, bacteria, and viruses. It acts as a natural protective barrier. We source our propolis from pristine Anatolian mountains which is home to 12,000 different plant species and one of the most biodiverse regions in the world.

Propolis is as old as honey, and it has been used by people for ages. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians were aware of the great properties of propolis and made extensive use of it as a daily wellness food supplement. Propolis is mainly used as a natural support for colds & flu, bronchitis, sore throat, sinus problems or seasonal allergies, daily wellness, antioxidants. 

When we drink water and eat food, human body produces free radicals which are toxins to the body and therefore they need to be removed out of our bloodstream. Anatolian propolis has x80 more antioxidants than pomegranate juice and x100 than Manuka Honey and naturally removes those free radicals from the human body when consumed regularly. Therefore, it is a great daily wellness product. Anatolian propolis extract has 15 different antioxidants and each antioxidants support different health benefits!

How can we consume bee propolis?

The bioactive metabolites in raw propolis cannot be absorbed by the human body and therefore propolis requires extraction process. BEE&YOU has patented extraction technology and founders have more than 50 years of academic and industrial experience. Our beehives are placed at the pristine Anatolian mountains which are home to 12,000 different plant species. These plants create the special nectar, resin, pollen, and water which the bees feed from. Therefore, our propolis has x3 more antioxidants than other propolis and x100 than manuka honey.

Propolis can be consumed as extracts, sprays, tablets, and honey mixtures. We recommend consuming minimum 20 drops of propolis extract every day or equivalent amount in tablet, spray and honey mixture forms. This amount can be increased up to x4 daily in case of illnesses.

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