BEE&YOU’s story began when Mrs. Asli Samanci, a mother, a scientist and an entrepreneur, started struggling with a health problem of her 5-year-old son. Her son was getting sick frequently and was often treated with antibiotics, eventually developing an autoimmune disease due to his weakened immune system.  The doctor advised to give her son propolis and royal jelly to support his immune system. Knowing that many propolis products in the market were of low quality or worse adulterated, Mrs. Samanci got some raw propolis from a beekeeper and devised a pioneering (later to be patented) way to extract propolis in her lab, resulting to a miraculous drop which cured her son after a 6 months of consumption. As a result of this experience, in 2013 she decided to become an entrepreneur and founded BEE&YOU to start production of propolis as a natural immune enhancer for all the children and mothers in the world who had similar problems.

BEE&YOU has todate been granted 37 awards internationally for its innovative, award-winning, and patented extraction method and for woman entrepreneurship. 

Products Traceable from the “Hive to Dinner Table”

Recognising that raw material quality is equally important as pioneering science, BEE&YOU introduced a unique business model called  “Contracted Beekeeping” to secure a sustainable supply of high-quality bee products, while working with exclusive contracted beekeepers who only produce for BEE&YOU with good beekeeping practices. With 500,000 contracted beehives and 5,000 contracted beekeepers, this model allows us caring for the society of our beekeepers and their families, as well as trace the quality and origin of our products from the hive to the table while helping the Planet to keep green. 

Our company produces BEE & YOU branded honey,royal jelly and propolis products and their mixes with varying ratios depending on different consumer needs and consistency and flavor preferences.

Our mission, 
is to create an international brand synonymous to authentic, innovative, fully traceable to the source, high quality and scientifically proven products of the bee and especially propolis. To become a world market leader corporation in bee products of superior quality and antioxidant capacity, that provide to our regular users the gift of good health and lifelong wellness 

Our vision, is to empower people around the world to enjoy a healthier life, by introducing to them the miracles of the products of the bee, and especially propolis, and by making available to them for regular use bee products, that are being produced in a sustainable, socially responsible way and are based on innovation, sound scientific R&D and expert knowledge.