Our Mission

As beekeepers and scientists ourselves, it’s our Mission to bring you natural bee products with health benefits while taking great care of our planet.

That’s why we have brought the Contracted Beekeeping Model to life, aiming to build and maintain mutual partnerships with local beekeepers.

We currently have over 450 Contracted Beekeepers partners and 150,000 hives, all located at pristine forests, meadows and highlands of Anatolia, one of the most biodiverse region in the planet, home to an incredible plant endemism and variety.





Science Meets Nature

All BEE&YOU ingredients are sourced directly from our hives and are carefully monitored by a team of expert scientists and beekeepers to ensure they are unadulterated and contaminant free.

Each and every ingredient goes through a rigorous, 3 step test at our own labs for their purity and biological activity. As a result, we know where they came from, who harvested them, and under what conditions they were produced.

Each product is fully traceable, transparent and is of highest quality.




Giving Back to Our Community

As beekeepers ourselves, we fully understand the importance of honeybees, their role in pollination, and how crucial it is to keep them alive and thriving for the health of our ecosystem.

That’s why sustainability and fair trade practices are cornerstone of our business model. We take great pride in supporting our partner beekeepers through every Bee&You purchase with education, know-how and beekeeping tools and equipment.





Contracted Beekeeping

Our each and every partner beekeeper follows strict guidelines and the best practices, monitored in great detail.

This way we can guarantee that our bees are never fed sugar, treated without any chemicals or pesticides and the hives are located far away from industrial sites. In return we promise to buy their entire annual harvest at fair rates.

Through this partnership, we can guarantee the end products are natural and unadulterated, retaining their full nutritional value, and are produced under fair, sustainable, traceable and Eco-friendly conditions.





Hive to Table

We proudly bring you the highest quality Propolis and other bee superfoods used for centuries, as natural alternatives to conventional medicine, for your health and well-being.

Never hidden ingredients and free of chemicals, GMO's, gluten and anything artificial.

For you and your family, straight from our hives to your table