How to Identify Real Propolis

How to Identify Real Propolis

What To Consider Before Buying Propolis ?

Propolis production is a process that requires experience, knowledge, technology and arduous analysis. Unfortunately, the analysis made so far, can not conclude whether all of the products offered under the name propolis is real or not. The majority of propolis products on the market come from China, and according to the analysis, these products are much lower in quality and bioavailability than natural propolis. According to the scientific reviews, it was understood that these products weren’t pure and contained leaves and stems of the plants as counterfeit.

How To Identify Real Propolis

We have stated that the way to understand natural and real propolis is through a rigorous analysis process.However, it is worth mentioning a few points that can give the consumer an idea about real propolis. In the market, different products in different color shades from transparent to light yellow are sold as propolis. In contrast, true propolis has a color from light brown to dark brown. It should have a sharp but pleasant, floral aroma and smell Propolis is also a long-lasting and durable natural product.Therefore, it does not need to contain preservatives. If the end product has preservatives or traces of it, it is usually not real.

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