Help Save the Bees and Nature!

Help Save the Bees and Nature!


BEE&YOU started a unique “Contracted Beekeeping Production” for the first time in the world. Each beekeeper who’s willing to partner with us agrees to follow strict standards such as never using sugar or derivatives as a feed and placing their hives a certain distance away from industrial sites. In return, BEE&YOU promises to purchase their entire harvest at a fair rate. The products are then double-checked for their purity, antioxidants, antibacterial activity, and quality in our labs by a team of expert food scientists and chemists.

By using this production method, we ensure that our honeybees are healthy, treated without cruelty, and kept away from harmful toxins and chemicals. It also gives us full traceability and transparency over our raw materials, including where they come from, who harvest them, and under what conditions they are produced.


Sustainability is another key practice at BEE&YOU. As professional beekeepers, we fully understand the importance of honeybees, their role in natural pollination, and how crucial it is to keep them alive and thriving for the health of our ecosystem.

That is why we started “Contracted Beekeeping Production”, so that beekeepers can improve their beehives numbers by carrying out Good Manufacturing Practices and they are financially satisfied, and their harvest will be guarantee sale to BEE&YOU. This is the only sustainable way to keep beekeeping and beekeepers’ number growing each year.

Supporting Beekeeping & Beekeepers

Each time you buy a product, we donate a certain amount to our contracted beekeepers to help improve their business. This support is most of the time beehives, beekeeping tools which will help to improve their beehive numbers. It is a Fair-Trade production model as well.


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